0.2.0 - The Finish'er'ing

As this was made for the One Hour Game Jam, it didn't have scoring, any kind of goal, and had a couple bugs and weird quirks. Not everything is up to par, but it is now greatedly improved from that initial version.

  • Score! Calculated based on your velocity and how long it's been since you reached the last target.. Oh yea, and there are targets that you have to try to reach without being destroyed by the asteroids.
  • Vector displaying the direction you are moving in.
  • Warning vectors were made much prettier and more useful by hiding warnings for asteroids not coming towards you.
  • Asteroids are actually strong enough to be dangerous instead of a gentle poke. :p
  • Optimization by removing many duplicated calculations.
  • Corrected warning vectors not scaling correctly to relative velocity.


asteroid-dodge-win32.zip 2 MB
Version 0.2.0 Mar 25, 2018
asteroid-dodge-osx.zip 22 MB
Version 0.2.0 Mar 25, 2018
asteroid-dodge-linux.zip 29 kB
Version 0.2.0 Mar 25, 2018

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