A downloadable font

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Font comes in a PNG format designed for use with the LÖVE engine.

Glyphs are 5 pixels tall, and between 1 and 6 pixels wide.


love.graphics.setDefaultFilter("linear", "nearest", 1)<br>local font = love.graphics.newImageFont("minipixel.png", "ABCDEF...")<br>love.graphics.setFont(font)

We use linear nearest filtering before loading the ImageFont so that scaling works properly.

The text file contains the string needed to load the font properly for the extended font PNG. For the non-extended font, cut the string after the percent sign. The non-extended font does not contain lowercase letters, a tab, or a backslash.

Created for use in #LOWREZJAM, but unfortunately, not published until much later...


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font-extended.png 1 kB
font-string.txt 263 bytes
font.png 844 bytes

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