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Version checker fixed
Just giving y'all a quick note that you should download the latest version if you're seeing this. Not much has changed, just a bugfix to the version checker, bu...
3 files — 0.10.2+64
Next update?
Hey guys, just making a quick post to say it will be a while before the next update. I am working on a complete rewrite to make the game more interesting and ad...
Hotfix v0.10.1+63 / 0.11.0-experimental+64
I made a mistake with my build system a little while back, and without realizing it, released a few broken updates for the Windows platform. This is fixed now...
6 files — 0.10.1+63, 0.11.0-experimental+64
v0.10.0 - The Content Update
I'm calling this one the content update because I focused primarily on adding more content, although quite a few new features got added as well. Added 10 new SC...
3 files — 0.10.0+62
Multiple experimental updates
In the latest experimental builds, there is now a custom icon on the EXEs (and should be for the OS X builds, but I believe that system is broken and I can't fi...
3 files — 0.10.0-experimental+59
Test devlog and changing descriptions
Recently added the ability for an SCP's description to change, and this latest patch makes an event work with that new system on the flamingo-involving SCP. Not...
3 files — 0.10.0-experimental+52, 0.10.0-experimental+51

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